Telltale unveiled ‘The Wolf Among Us’ second season and sequels for more titles

Telltale is known to produce some of the best mobile games, featuring interesting stories and immersive gameplay, one such game was ‘The Wolf Among Us’. As of now, it has been about 4 years since the game’s release, Telltale announced the second season for the game.

Telltale revealed that the second season for the game will be released in the year 2018 and the gap between first and second season would be huge 5 years. And because of this people were eager to get answers to their questions about the game and for this Telltale came up with a video update.


Besides this, Batman: The Telltale series will also get a second season which will be titled Batman: The Enemy Within, and they also confirmed that Bruce Wayne/Batman, Joker will return in season 2 and the Riddler will make his debut. Batman: The Enemy Within’s first episode will be released this year on Android.

And also the fourth and the final season of The Walking Dead will be released in 2018.

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