If you like it or not future is moving towards smartphones without a headphone jack, and this might be the perfect time for you to buy a brand new set of wireless earbuds if you don’t have any. For a long time, Apple AirPods were the only great option when... Read More

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COVID-19 Outbreak

Why China is the origin of Coronavirus and other deadly viruses

self-dependence india
The announcement by the Prime Minister to build “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (self reliant or self dependent India) has generated a lot of debate. In a strict literal sense an economy is self reliant when it is can produce everything that it needs. That is possible, if a community needs only food,... Read More
The Ultraviolette F77 is India’s first performance-oriented electric motorcycle, with a claimed top speed of 150 kmph, and 0 to 100 kmph claimed acceleration in 7.5 seconds. The F77 will be available in three variants – Lightning, Shadow and Laser. \It is powered by an air-cooled, brushless DC (BLDC) motor... Read More

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