Exciting Google Doodle celebrates 44 years of Hip Hop in an interactive way

Google came up with a new doodle celebrating the birth of Hip hop 44 years ago. The movement that kick started in South Bronx in New York City perceiving urban youth is now a powerful music tool that became a music movement.

DJ Kool Herc is associated with introducing this new form. The Jamaican born DJ used to have parties at his residence and used similar records on two turntables to create rhythmic beats known as breaks, by having longer drum beats because he used two turntables with similar records he would isolate drum beats by scratching on the records, which can be done in Google Doodle also.

Hip Hop came in mainstream in 1979 and spread all over the world in next 15 years, changing the way people new music.


The doodle starts with visual artist Fab 5 Freddy giving viewers an insight about Hip Hop’s history and how to use the turntable in the doodle. The project’s executive consultant at Google – former Def Jam president Lyor Cohen – wrote in a blog post:

Hip Hop has done exactly what its founders set out to do, whether wittingly or unwittingly. It placed an accessible culture, relatable to any marginalized group in the world, at the forefront of music. In that spirit, here’s to BILLIONS of people getting a brief reminder that ’Yes, yes y’all! And it WON’T stop!

The doodle provides a number of original tracks which users can use to create amazing music and see what it feels like to be a DJ. Hip Hop doodle will be live on the home page for 40 hours.

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