Marvel and Star War movies to be back on Netflix in 2019

Netflix is in talks of getting streaming rights of Marvel and Star war movies back on Netflix but it will be available till 2019 as at that time Disney will be removing Disney and Pixar movies from the subscription service in favor of its own in-house Disney streaming offering.

Disney Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger told analysts the company had not yet decided where it would distribute superhero films from Marvel Studios and movies from “Star Wars” producer Lucasfilm, which the company owns, at that time.

Disney’s plan to stream its content directly to consumers is a natural evolution for traditional media companies that Netflix expected, Sarandos said in an interview at an event to celebrate Emmy nominations for his company’s drama, “The Crown.”


Whatever the outcome, Netflix isn’t slacking on its alternative content options: The company continues to invest in and produce plenty of original content, and will only be ramping up those efforts in the near future.