How Chrome’s built-in ad blocker is going to affect publishers

Google has already announced that it will be rolling out Chrome’s built in ad blocker for stopping intrusive ads. Google has already warned publishers about its effect and asked them to get ready. Google will implement this feature starting next year but we can see the ad blocker in pre-release versions of chrome for android app.

We all know that Google makes most of its revenue through advertisement business and still, it is determined to tackle what it calls intrusive ads. Google is referring to this feature as “ads filter” instead of “ad blocker” because it will not block all the ads instead it will remove the ad that would be annoying.

For determination of unacceptable ads, there is a group formed called Coalition for Better Ads and has Google, Facebook, News Corp, and The Washington Post as members. Well, this feature is going to be the center of debate as the test version will provide Google with all the feedback required on this topic.


Google is said to be providing publisher partners as what exactly fits in the category of intrusive ads to help them avoid being included in advertising blocked by the new feature.

Google is going to make this feature live in the year 2018 so that by the time Google introduces this feature publishers have enough time to test their websites. Google is also working on a tool which would help publishers to work on the intrusive ads on their websites.

Well, this feature is going to be controversial for sure, as it will give Google immense power to control what the web looks like in terms of protecting its revenue. Google claims that it will provide a better browsing experience and will clean up the web. This will surely reduce the monetizing options for publishers and they will be complied to use google ads which we can say will be in accordance with rules of Google.

If you are a publisher, let us know how that will affect your monetizing options and do you feel that there is any necessity of doing this. For further updates stay tuned to KNine Vox and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, also don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.