OnePlus may soon be releasing a new variant of OnePlus 5

It’s been over a month now since OnePlus 5 was launched and despite being receiving amazing reviews from all over the world, it has been in the news for a number of wrong reasons. But there is an amazing news from OnePlus now as it is looking forward to release a new OnePlus 5 unit.

On its official Facebook page, the company teased that “Something new” is coming soon, and the post also consisted of an image of three OnePlus 5 units, with one of them being uncolored.

Well what we can assure you is that it is not going to be a OnePlus 5T, as OnePlus holds the best processor Snapdragon 835 and holds power more than enough with a camera that is great. But if there are going to be any upgrades, they will be comparably minor, more of like a new color.


Currently the color selection is very limited for OnePlus 5, it come in either Midnight Black or Slate Gray which kind of look very similar, so introducing a new color would only do good to OnePlus fortunes.

It is not yet sure about the color which is going to be there but a month before OnePlus 5 launch, they made a post on the twitter asking followers which color they would prefer in the next phone. The colors displayed were black, red, gold, or a finish that OnePlus dubbed “unicorn,” which looked like a gradient between cyan and magenta.

There is slight chance of introducing another black and the unicorn color does not look like would make it to the phone, so looking at the possible chances we assume it could either be a red or gold color.

Let us know what color you want to see on OnePlus 5, and would you prefer a unicorn color, let us know in the comments.

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