LG with Bang and Olufsen came up with a stunning OLED TV at IFA 2017

LG Electronics (LG) and Bang & Olufsen unveiled the result of their first collaborative effort in the home entertainment space, unveiling of the BeoVision Eclipse TV to the world for the first time at IFA in Berlin.

The new BeoVision Eclipse TV, which will push the boundary of the premium TV experience, signifies the essence of the relationship between LG and Bang & Olufsen, first announced last year.

The groundbreaking LG OLED TV technology continues to amaze video experts and consumers alike, while Bang & Olufsen’s celebrated design aesthetic and acoustic precision continues to excite audio enthusiasts around the world. The marriage of LG OLED technology, with its perfect blacks and superior picture quality, and Bang & Olufsen’s sophisticated approach to audio is perfectly highlighted in the beautiful new BeoVision Eclipse.


The work between LG and Bang & Olufsen on the BeoVision Eclipse TV began in 2016. Two teams of engineers and designers worked across the nearly 5,000 miles and seven time zones separating Struer, Denmark, and Seoul, South Korea, to develop the first OLED TV to carry the coveted Bang & Olufsen name.

Sang-woo Lee, vice president of Home Entertainment business strategy at LG Electronics said:

Consumers all over the world will immediately recognize LG’s unrivaled OLED and video processing technology inside this beautiful television crafted by Bang & Olufsen, a company with a strong heritage in design and sound. We are looking forward to further developing this relationship going forward.

The collaboration with LG Electronics marks the beginning of Bang & Olufsen’s strategy of expanding its technological capabilities and scale through partnerships. This allows Bang & Olufsen to focus on core capabilities within acoustics, design and craftsmanship, while further optimizing the company’s supply chain, development, production and service to improve the long-term profitability of the company.


The BeoVision Eclipse comes in 55- and 65-inch sizes, and will cost $10,990, and $15,990 respectively. They’ll be on sale in Bang & Olufsen retailers starting in September.

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