iPhone X, the new generation smartphone – detailed specifications

Apple has the habit of giving surprises and yet here we are with another pack of surprises. When Apple launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the speculations of the launch of iPhone X were starting to fade away. But Apple did not disappoint. Thus Apple has finally launched Apple iPhone X on its 10th Anniversary held at Apple Park Public Event.

Apple iPhone X has been regarded as the most exciting and revolutionary product ever in the world of smartphones. Apple has tried to make an amazing shift in how the smartphones will become an integral part of our lives in coming years. Let’s have a detailed look over the great.

Apple iPhone X:

This high-end device of Apple has been launched at a whopping price of $999 and the pre-orders will be starting on 27th October and the shipping will start by 3rd November.


Apple has rightly justified why iPhone is the world’s best-selling smartphone, this will be justified more when we will get to use the device actually and feel it’s working.

Packed with amazing features of Super Retina Display, Face ID, a True Depth camera and exciting A11 Bionic Chip with Neural Engine.

Super Retina Display:

iPhone X gets a beautiful Super retina display with a size of 5.8 inches. This is marked as the first ever OLED screen panel that has been able to match the standards of iPhone. The other features of this stunning super retina display are as follows:

  • A million to one contrast ratio
  • True Blacks
  • Best wide color management system
  • Supports Dolby Vision and HDR10
  • True Tone adjusts the white balance of the screen that matches the surroundings of the device to improve the viewing experience.
  • It replaces the Home button and allows the users to navigate through the device more fluently
  • It is simple to use and to go home, all you need is to swipe up from the bottom

Face ID:

Apple has regarded the Face ID as the most powerful secure Authentication system ever used in the smartphone device. Face ID brings a new revolution for authentication. This feature uses the true depth camera system which has been made of a dot projector, flood illuminator, and an infrared camera. This is further supported by an A11 Bionic chip that helps to recognize the face by mapping it accurately.


This advanced security system will also work for the Apple pay and unlock iPhone and its apps.

Face ID has the ability to project more than 30000 IR dots that are invisible in nature. Face ID has also been made to prevent spoofing.

Redesigning of the front and back camera:

Let’s have look at the front camera:

The all-new iPhone X has been featured with a new 7-megapixel true depth camera. This camera enables FaceID features on this device through its wide color capture. Other features of the front camera of iPhone X are as follows:

  • Auto image stabilization
  • Exposure control
  • Introduction of portrait mode to the front camera

Now let’s have a look at the all-new redesigned back camera of iPhone X:

iPhone X gets a redesigned 12-megapixel rear camera that has been featured with dual image stabilization. The wide-angle camera gets f/1.8 aperture and the telephoto camera gets a new improved f/2.4 aperture that will help the users to click better photos and better videos.

Other features of the back camera of iPhone X are as follows:

  • New color filter
  • Deeper pixels
  • Advanced pixel processing with the help of new designed Apple signal processor
  • Faster Autofocus in the low lighting conditions
  • Wide color capture
  • Better quality of HDR photos
  • A new quad LED flash

The camera also has the ability to give a highest video quality recording and better video stabilization.


The camera can record 4K videos up to 60fps and also 1080p slow motion at 240fps.

Emojis to Animojis – Living the emojis

The true depth camera feature has successfully given a new feature that brings the emojis to life. With the help of A11 Bionic. The camera gets the ability to analyze more than 50 different facial expressions and movements and this makes the emoji in the device to act like same as your face movements do.

A11 Bionic:

The power engine behind all the activities of iPhone X. The A11 Bionic is the most powerful chipset used in any smartphone device. The feature of this A11 Bionic chipset are given below:

  • Six core CPU design
  • Out of six cores, two cores are 25 percent faster than A10 fusion
  • The other four cores are 70 percent faster than A10 fusion,
  • It can use all six cores simultaneously
  • Delivers aggregate of more than 70 percent better performance
  • Enables the battery life to last 2 hour more longer than the iPhone 7
  • Integration of GPU designed by Apple with three cores design that gives better graphics performance by 30 percent
  • Enables the working of AR apps and 3D games.
  • It has a neural engine that is made up of dual-core design system that has the ability to perform 600 billion operations every second in real time processing
  • A11 Bionic is designed specially to support Face ID, Animoji, and other important features.

Wireless charging:

The glass back design of iPhone X enables this device towards a wireless charging system. Apple also gave a glimpse of a device called Airpower that will be coming in 2018.This device will help the users to charge their iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and Apple watch series 3 and iPhone X to charge simultaneously on the accessory.


Splash, Water, and Dust Resistant:

iPhone X is a full water and dust resistance device and its all-new design have helped the company to make it possible.

Thus this was all about the decoding of all new iPhone X, we will soon give you a hands-on video of the iPhone X and more news about its features. For the latest news, don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter. For more updates, like and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.