John Wick – Chapter 3 release date is here, probably last movie in the franchise

John wick which was released in November 2014 got a tremendous amount of positive reviews. From then John Wick has got a lot of attention and became the most adored action series in recent days. After the success of John Wick, Lionsgate launched John Wick Chapter 2 with a new dog Pitbull which was an even bigger success for them.

After the success of John Wick now Lionsgate is getting ready to launch the new chapter of John Wick series i.e. John Wick 3 which is expected to launch on May 17, 2019. Director Chad Stahelski confirmed himself and scriptwriter Derek Kolstad are involved, hinting the sequel may be John Wick’s final outing.

Director Chad Stahelski said


We are going to put in something about the High Table, how that all works. We’re going to put in something about where John comes from, and where he wants to go. I don’t want to say too much more, but it will be a nice completion to Mr. Wick’s journey.

Previously the franchise had a success with $260 million worldwide with both John Wick’s movies but this time it seems that John Wick 3 will be breaking all previous John Wick earning records.

The stunts and the action sequences in the movie are something that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats, makes everyone feel adventurous and that’s what made John Wick a great success.

If you have not seen previous installations of John WIck series, then you are certainly missing out on something really amazing.


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