Google Pixel 2 unveiled – Google Clips, Google Home Mini and much more

Meet the new Pixel 2, finally released by Google in a live event. Internet was flooded with its rumored specifications, leaks and expected price, as Google has announced the details, we brought you with an extensive informative article on Pixel 2.

It is powered by the Google Assistant, Pixel 2 can help you find answers and get things done. It has a camera that makes it simple to take, store and effortlessly share your beautiful pictures and a fast-charging, long-lasting battery that keeps going whether you’re snapping, calling, texting or playing.

The Pixel 2 comes in two flavors – the 5″ Pixel 2 and 6″ Pixel 2 XL, both available in 64 GB and 128 GB sizes, and are designed to work perfectly with the collection of Google smart products, including the new Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, new Google Daydream View, Google Clips and Google Pixel Buds.


Google Assistant and Google Lens

Pixel 2 lets you access your personal helper faster than ever. Activate your Google Assistant by using simple voice commands, long-pressing the home button, or by squeezing the sides of the phone to engage the new Active Edge feature. And now with Google Lens, you can find out more about the world around you through Google Photos on your Pixel.

For example, you can copy URLs off event posters or tickets, learn more about well-known locations, such as landmarks and save info to your calendar or contacts. Google will continue to add more functionality to Lens over time.

The only camera you’ll ever need.

Google Pixel’s camera is regarded as one of the best in the industry, and the Pixel 2 is raising the bar. Easily take bright, vibrant shots, even in low light – and with the new Portrait photos, you can capture tack-sharp portraits with the kind of beautiful background blur that’s usually reserved for DSLRs. You also get unlimited photo and video storage that safely moves your images and videos to Google Photos in their original quality – including your 4K videos – so you won’t have to delete one memory to make room for another.

Complete peace of mind.

Pixel 2’s fast-charging battery makes it easier to keep your phone powered up and ready for the day ahead, and the new IP67 water-resistant design allows for worry-free use in any weather. And don’t forget about easy switching – which lets you move from one phone to another in 10 minutes or less.


The latest Google accessories for at home and life.

The Pixel 2 gives you the ability to control your world from the palm of your hand. Expanding on the ecosystem that Google has built over the last few years is a fleet of new smart accessories.

Google Home Mini and Google Home Max: The Google Home Mini and Google Home Max are two voice-activated speakers powered by Google Assistant. One is small and mighty, the other is bold and powerful. Ask them questions. Control your smart home. Play, pause, rewind music and movies – all hands free.

Google Clips: A hands-free camera that lets you effortlessly capture and view more of life’s spontaneous moments with the people and pets who matter to you. Save these genuine moments without experiencing it from behind a camera.


Google Pixel Buds: Google’s brand new wireless headphones optimized for the Google Assistant. Pairing your Pixel Buds with your Pixel or Android phone running Android N or higher with the Assistant is fast and easy thanks to fast pair. Just open your charging chase near your phone, and it will automatically see your Pixel Buds and ask you if you want to connect. Pixel owners will enjoy real-time translation from 40 languages with Google Translate.

Google Daydream View: Dream with your eyes open with the new virtual reality headset and simple-to-use motion controller. The updated Daydream features new custom built lenses with a wider field of view, so you’ll really feel like you’re swimming with seals or watching dinosaurs roam. It also has a new facepad design, a top strap for additional comfort, sharper image resolutions and a wider field of view.