Fingerprint sensors under display are coming

It has not been so long that smartphone companies are looking for new ways to unlock smartphones. Smartphone companies are reducing the bezel size of devices by eliminating the fingerprint sensor or moving it to the back. From Samsung to Apple everyone is opting this method so as to increase the screen to body ratio.

Apple iPhone X which was launched a couple of months ago had really fewer bezels (just a notch) to do that they had to remove the Touch ID and the device was just left with face ID, a new face unlocking feature which allows you to unlock your iPhone X with your face. Now some didn’t like that the Apple has removed touch ID but touch ID may come again to the device with the same bezel-less display.

A new fingerprint sensor which can be operated even if it behind the display. These are expected to work exactly like the home button fingerprint sensors you might have known on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S phones before this year’s Galaxy S8 and on Apple’s iPhones before the latest iPhone X.


A year ago Synaptic announced its first FS9100 optical fingerprint sensor it was merely a future technology but subsequent events showed that it had some issues with the implementation of that tech. Samsung wanted to have a bezel-free front screen with its Samsung Galaxy S8 but due to the above issue, they were unable to opt for the same.

Today’s FS9500 Clear ID, on the other hand, is going into full production with what Synaptics describes as “a top five OEM,” which means either one of the top smartphone companies will be implementing it. The first one might be Samsung due to its work history with Synaptics.

As bezel-less displays are so 2017 thing but now Fingerprint sensors under the display are coming to become the 2018 thing.


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