Oppo partners with Qualcomm to manufacture 5G enabled smartphones

Today, at the 2018 Qualcomm Technology Day in China, OPPO, one of the most popular international smartphone brands, announced partnership with Qualcomm Technologies in the ‘5G Pioneer Initiative’ to explore ways toward mobile technology innovations in the 5G era. Through the ‘5G Pioneer Initiative’, Qualcomm Technologies will support OPPO to create brand new 5G mobile phone experiences for users around the world by providing comprehensive solutions such as the radiofrequency front-end field.

Tony Chen, CEO of OPPO, discussed the development and future of global mobile technology in a panel discussion:

The 5G mobile network is going to change the global mobile industry structure, and mobile phones will become the major terminal for the Internet of Things. OPPO has been focusing on technology innovation in the past which has laid great foundations for 5G related R&D. In 2018, OPPO will speed up entry into global markets, and specifically enter more developed countries like Japan, to provide smartphones featuring advanced technologies and artistic design to more users in the world.


OPPO has been adhering to the core needs of users to innovate, and continuously prepare for 5G products and other advanced technologies. On January 16, 2018, IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group, the key promotion organization established by three official ministries in China, released the 5G technology R&D trial phase 3 specifications in Beijing. OPPO has participated as the only smartphone manufacturer and made contributions to the 5G standard formulation.

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Back to the beginning of 2015, OPPO set up a special R&D team for the next telecommunications standards and recruited experts with rich experience in international standard development field, that’s now leading the smartphone industry regarding research excellence.


China manufacturers with the world-leading technology innovators are the leading force to embrace the commercialized 5G networks. And now, they are hopefully to bring the 5G experience to consumers around the world earlier thanks to their same faith in the future.

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