Interesting self-driving car by two ex-Google engineers

Self-driving cars which were once a dream of people has already hit roads but now it’s time to do something new with self-driving cars. A new startup company named made something interesting with this self-driving concept. is a company founded by two former lead Google engineers who previously worked on self-driving car project. is not focused on making or reconfiguring robot taxis or autonomous trucks. is focused on deliveries, specifically the kind that are low speed and local laundry, groceries or nearby stores.

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January 11, 2018

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And their timing couldn’t be better. The converging trends of robotics, self-driving cars, and e-commerce are leading to an explosion of interest in the last-mile delivery challenge. Consumers are ordering more items online than ever before, and there is a growing expectation for shorter and shorter delivery windows.

A closer inspection reveals that the “handle” on the roof is actually a platform for the vehicle’s sensor array, which includes LIDAR, cameras, and radars. And a peek through the windshield will also reveal the complete absence of traditional controls like steering wheels, foot pedals, and gear shifts. There’s no driver seat because humans were not meant to operate this vehicle.

These vehicles can be really helpful in coming future, a faster delivery system and these vehicles will also reduce the traffic accidents on roads.


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