Ellen surprised her audience with a $1M gift

Ellen DeGeneres has been celebrating her 60th birthday on “The Ellen Show” this week, and for the grand finale, she bestowed one huge gift on her studio audience.

She gathered people who have been doing acts of good in their communities as part of her partnership with Cheerios to encourage people to do “One Million Acts of Good.” Those in the audience helped reached that goal.

“There’s no better way for me to celebrate my birthday than to share it with people like you,” DeGeneres said.


She then told the audience that everyone who had a box of Cheerios under their seat would be receiving a special gift — and surprise, surprise! Everyone was blessed with the cereal. “Isn’t that interesting? What a coincidence,” she said.

“It’s the biggest gift I have ever given anybody ever, and I hope you continue to pay it forward and share all the good,” DeGeneres continued, then spilling the news that everyone in the audience was getting to split $1 million.

The audience was excited, to say the least.


Watch their reaction below, and Happy Birthday, Ellen!

Source: AOL.com