No wow factor in Samsung Galaxy S9, except that dual aperture camera

Samsung yesterday released its latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S9. And all those who were eagerly waiting for this device and were thinking what Samsung would do with the S9. But all that eagerness and the wait didn’t worth the product which Samsung released yesterday. There was nothing interesting about the product as it was a copy of the earlier launched S8 only.

There was just little change in the design of S9. The back-fingerprint reader which was earlier next to the camera is now placed below the camera. And the S9 Plus now has a dual camera which means that only S9 plus will be able to shoot portrait images and not the S9. Google made its Pixel 2 to shoot portrait only with one single lens and I think that’s what Samsung needs to learn from Google.

Apple launched its biggest and best release until now which is the iPhone X. We were thinking that Samsung will be competing with the iPhone with its latest smartphone, but it looks like Samsung didn’t even care about responding to iPhone X. Samsung even didn’t try to copy the face unlock which is far better and faster than iris scan which is existing in Samsung from 2016 which was first showcased in Note 7.


Samsung didn’t bring any new technology in its smartphone-like adding an in-display fingerprint sensor or anything like it. Samsung just lets the screen to body ratio be the crown.

Although there are few changes to the software like adding an AR Emoji option like the iPhone X which has Animoji. Setting up AR Emoji is simple. You only need to take a single picture of yourself smiling with your mouth closed, and the Galaxy S9 does the rest. From that picture, it uses machine learning to create an animated 3D model of your face, which you can customize with different hairstyles, clothes, and so on. It’s more like Bitmoji than Animoji — the idea is to create an avatar of yourself. The clips can be sent as GIFs or PNGs, too, which makes them a lot easier to share than Animoji.

And also the camera of Samsung Galaxy S9 can shoot video at 240 fps in 1080 P and an amazingly slow-motion video at 960 fps in 720 P. And the S9 will be coming up with the latest version of Android i.e. OREO.


And these are few pros of the S9. But of course, these don’t meet the expectation of Samsung fans.

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