Samsung Galaxy S9 price is here, going to burn a hole in your pocket

Samsung is releasing its latest flagship i.e. Samsung Galaxy S9 on Sunday. This might give a challenge to iPhone X which was a game changer of last year. Mostly the whole Samsung galaxy S9 got leaked from the leaks hovering nowadays. But the “Price” of this flagship was still a mystery.

Evan Blass who earlier leaked the specs of Samsung Galaxy S9 has now posted a new post telling us about the price of the smartphone.

The Galaxy S9 will reportedly start at €841 in Europe, while the Galaxy S9+ will be priced at €997. Judging by how European prices have historically translated to the US pricing that means we’ll likely be looking at $850 for the Galaxy S9, and $950 for the Galaxy S9+.


A direct conversion of those Euro prices to dollars would actually make things look even more expensive — $1,036 for the Galaxy S9 and $1,229 for the Galaxy S9+ — but European pricing tends to be a little higher, and the prices quoted by carriers also often include tax.


But the above pricing is for the base model. Yes, that’s for base model which might be having a single lens and a storage of 64 GB. Some leaks have said that the storage space might go up to 256 GB and that model will surely be above $1000.

We’ve heard that a $350 trade-in promotion will be available from pre-orders, and that $350 will apply to “all” trade-ins, not just recent phones like the Galaxy S8. If that’s true, Samsung will be bringing the effective price down to $500 for anyone upgrading from an older phone like a Galaxy S7 (or maybe even an S6), which should help with that aggressive pricing.

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