SpaceX is ready to finally launch its Falcon Heavy rocket next week

After static test fires SpaceX is ready to launch its Falcon Heavy rocket next week on its maiden flight. This rocket has been under various redesigns, delays and concepts, and now after 7 years SpaceX is ready to set its biggest rocket in the space.

SpaceX performed the hold down firing of its massive 27 engines last week which shook the space coast with a massive thrust of 5 million pounds. This was the most powerful engine test conducted at Kennedy Space Center and with a successful launch it would be the most powerful launch vehicle in the world.

The nearest viewing spot for Tuesday is already sold out, that’s when SpaceX will be trying to launch its vehicle in the space. Buzz Aldrin the second human to set foot on moon will also be present as in 1969 he took off from the very same launch pad, and another celebrity would be Harrison Ford, he has a connection with the rocket as it got its name from Han Solo’s ship in Star Was.


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January 7, 2018

SpaceX teases video of its Falcon Heavy rocket as it is prepared for launch

Beside this a livestream would also be there for viewers to watch from their houses and also SpaceX CEO is also encouraging people to tune in this event. But he has also said it may not even reach the orbit and not destroying such a historic pad would be a “win”. Also SpaceX has leased this launch pad from NASA for 20 years which do not guarantee that SpaceX would always be a tenant.


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