Upgrading from Samsung Galaxy S8 to S9 – is it worth the price

Samsung just launched its latest flagship Galaxy S9. And there will be various people who will be thinking of upgrading to the latest flagship from their current S8. But is it worth the upgrade?

There was no wow factor in the S9. Samsung just did a few changes in the old flagship and put it in the latest flagship. Samsung has been smart enough to continue with a similar design on the S9 to what we saw on the S8. Same Gorilla Glass 5 protection, similar aluminum frame! It’s a classic case of ‘Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V’.

There was just little change in the design of S9. The back-fingerprint reader which was earlier next to the camera is now placed below the camera. And the S9 Plus now has a dual camera which means that only S9 plus will be able to shoot portrait images and not the S9. Google made its Pixel 2 to shoot portrait only with one single lens and I think that’s what Samsung needs to learn from Google.


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February 26, 2018

No wow factor in Samsung Galaxy S9, except that dual aperture camera

The front camera on both the S9 and S8 remains the same but the S9 now welcomes an animoji feature on the front cam where you can create an animated avatar of yourself just by clicking a selfie.


So should you upgrade?

S9 now has a better processor but you won’t feel much difference from its predecessor. And if you are only looking for a better camera than before then this might be the phone, but then there also comes more options like the pixel 2 XL which has an awesome camera and its HDR+ redefines the image. And S9 now has a faster wireless charger but of course that won’t make me feel like I should buy this smartphone.

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