‘View image’ button removed from google search results to stop users from stealing images

Google has been a doing a major change to their image search and it could have a really big impact on how the images are shared. Google image search provided a chance to the users to search for the desired image and there used to be a big possibility that they would download and use that image.

This actually frustrated many photographers and publishers and Google was under constant fire. So they recently took measures to forbid users from stealing images, and one of the step they took was that they removed the “View image” button from image search.

This step would eventually stop people from copying photos from the google or probably will drive through the website first, which would help the publishers earn money form the ads and drive more traffic. This is a great step to protect photographers and publishers but will annoy users for sure.

But there is still another way if you want the image, you could click on the image and right click on the enlarged image and still there will be the option to “open image in new tab”. This is another way users will eventually get familiar with but the fist button that will pop up in front of their eyes will be the “Visit website”, and this button will be the one most clicked.


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