2 million Spotify users are illegal ones

Earlier this month there was a news that spotify is removing users running modded version of spotify. And that also came out to be true as various people replied to us that their account got banned from spotify. Spotify’s IPO filing noted that roughly 2 million users are getting around ads on Spotify without paying, as noted by Reuters.

At the end of 2017 Spotify revealed that it had 157 million active users of which 86 million were unpaid subscribers. Factor in the 2 million users pirating Premium-esque service by avoiding ads, and that’s roughly 2.3 percent of free Spotify users with modded apps or accounts.

The streaming company officially revealed their plans to go public last month – it will trade on New York Stock Exchange under the name ‘SPOT’.


It was also recently revealed that a Bulgarian Spotify user could have manipulated the service to get themselves a payout of almost $1 million, via a playlist of short, unknown tracks.

It’s thought the user used paid-for, premium accounts to get enough plays on the tracks to generate a huge profit.

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