Best smartphones for 2018 – decoding the best smartphones for you

A new wave has started i.e. the bezel-less display which you will see implemented on many smartphones, in a race to become one of the best smartphones of 2018. Ever wondered which smartphone is best for you and what does that huge gap of price mean for the budget and an expensive smartphone. So, if you have ever thought of this then I will tell you everything about smartphones here.

A new era of smartphones has started, people nowadays not just buy a smartphone by seeing megapixels of the camera, they want a smartphone which fits their every expectation. But higher the expectations more the price of the smartphone increases. That’s why for different people with different expectations smartphones are divided into 3 parts: Budget smartphones, Mid ranged smartphones and the high-end flagship devices.

High sales vs High Specs

Companies like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo try to make budget smartphones so as to get high sales and a huge amount of revenue. And they even sell a huge amount of smartphones in countries like India and China. According to the latest reports Xiaomi has ruled over India with highest sales record and even broke sales of Samsung. With this Xiaomi tried to rock the other countries too with its smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix which is known for its bezel-less display. After this smartphone, Xiaomi got huge exposure whole across the globe and now they have started selling TVs known as Xiaomi TV which are way affordable and come with far better specifications than its competitors.


On the other hand, there are companies like Apple and Samsung which try to build the best of the best smartphones they can. Every year these companies try to provide users with the best smartphone they can. These smartphones have the best camera with best hardware and software than any other smartphone. Although Samsung also sells budget range smartphones as to earn some extra revenue through them. As companies like Apple and Samsung try making the best smartphones and when they succeed in this, high sales result in big profits. So it’s like providing the best to customers and customers will run towards that product.

Budget smartphones are getting better over the years

Earlier budget smartphones were the one in which only limited features were available but it’s not the same now. If you will compare budget smartphones now with the ones that we used to get a couple of years ago, you will find that nowadays even in budget devices a huge improvement has taken place. Various new camera features and the improvement in camera in these devices is phenomenal.

And now even these devices are coming with dual cameras which allow them to shoot portrait images and their screen to display ratio is also decreasing which is a step forward for bezel-less displays.


Competition of mid-range and high-end flagship devices

Mid-range devices like OnePlus 5T are giving competition to the high-end devices like the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9. OnePlus 5T has an extraordinary camera and its camera abilities are just awesome although iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 have some better features like recording slow motion videos at higher FPS which is one of the factors why iPhone and S9 are priced much higher than OnePlus 5T. And this time Samsung did something amazing with its S9 camera, this device can shoot a slow-motion video at 960 FPS which is insane. But this time Samsung didn’t change its flagship device much from the last year. S9 is more likely to be same as S8 just there are few changes in it. Read should you upgrade from S8 to S9.

Even being a mid-ranged device OnePlus 5T gave a tough competition to high-end devices. OnePlus 5T’s facial recognition is still the fastest, nor the facial recognition of iPhone X and nor the Iris Scanner of S9 has been able to beat OnePlus 5T’s face recognition. So OnePlus 5T truly stands a chance to become amongst the best smartphones of 2018.


And now OnePlus 6 leaks are up and that looks like OnePlus will turn the game upside-down by providing the best features in a smartphone at a mid-budget.

War among the high-end flagship devices

If we come to this then there are two to three companies that are considered and those are Apple, Samsung, and Google. These companies make the best smartphones and the main competition is amongst these only. And nowadays the main competition is between Samsung Galaxy S9, Apple iPhone X, and Google Pixel 2 XL. All these smartphones have the best specs that one will find, from bezel-less display to super awesome cameras.

Although there are some differences in all of them on basis of what they compete with each other. All these smartphones have very less screen to body ratio with similar design except the iPhone X which has a complete display in front except a notch. The main difference amongst them is their ‘Operating System’. Google Pixel 2 XL and Samsung Galaxy S9 work on Android while Apple iPhone X works on iOS. There was a news that Samsung Galaxy S9 has a slower processor than Apple processors. All these smartphones have an awesome camera. But still, they are not same in every aspect.


Best smartphones till now

If you have a looking for a mid range smartphone with most of the features then my answer would be go straight up with the OnePlus 5T and if you want the best of the best and can spend huge bucks then you have three options, either go with Samsung galaxy S9 or Google Pixel 2 or iPhone X. Now this is upto you which device fits your requirements if you want a smartphone with good looks, the best camera or any other capabilities in it.

But this is highly appreciated that how OnePlus with a low price tag has been able to put up with the market leaders.

Which one do you think is the best smartphone? Comment down below.

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