Good chance that first Mars travelers will die – highlights Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is leading the way when it comes landing humans on Mars. Mars has been a major hotspot for various research organizations as they are finding solutions to all the hurdles that lie between Mars and a colony of humans on Mars. SpaceX is one such space agency, very vocal about the process and how they are gonna achieve that.

At this year’s SXSW event in Austin, Texas, Elon Musk talked briefly about the life and death of the first humans that will land on the red planet, and he made it sure that it particularly won’t be a vacation, as surviving there will be a huge task.

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He also talked about how SpaceX is planning to travel back and forth to Mars on a regular basis from 2019. He also briefed that aim for the humanity should be to colonize Mars as soon as possible in case an AI apocalypse or nuclear winter wipes out whole human population on Earth, then those first Martians could act as a blueprint to rebuild the human race.

Musk told the crowd:

For the people who go to Mars, it’ll be far more dangerous. It kind of reads like Shackleton’s ad for Antarctic explorers. ‘Difficult, dangerous, good chance you’ll die. Excitement for those who survive.’ That kind of thing.


One of the hurdles for Mars travel is that no space agency has a Mars suitable spacecraft. The closest is SpaceX Dragon but still, SpaceX has made it clear that for a Mars landing mission an entirely new spacecraft would be needed.

Well, a most realistic timeline would suggest manned Mars mission not until 2030, but still, there is a lot of stuff to be done before the launch.

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