Apple will launch cheaper iPads and MacBooks this year

This year cheaper iPads and MacBooks are rumoured to be released by the Apple. First, we know that the MacBook Air may be getting a less-expensive refresh, as hinted by multiple reports. The latest comes from DigiTimes, which today reported that Apple will launch a new 13.3-inch “entry-level” MacBook late in Q2 this year.

This report refers the device as “MacBook”. Unlike the old MacBook which had 12 inch displays the new MacBook is said to have a 13.3 inch display with a 2560×1600 resolution. This sounds like a compelling product, with better specs at a significantly cheaper price. The report says the 13-inch Retina MacBook will be priced around the current MacBook Air’s $999 price tag.

But DigiTimes isn’t sure about its pricing, it can fluctuate a little. It says priced ‘at the same level or slightly higher’ than the current MacBook Air. This implies $999, but there is wiggle-room.


Apple’s developer conference that is yet to be announced but expected to be held in early June. WWDC does not consistently include new hardware announcements, but it is by no means out of the question. Last year, Apple announced the iMac Pro, HomePod, and updates to iMacs and all Mac laptops at the event.

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