Google Maps is now open for game developers as a game development tool

Google Maps is now officially a platform meant for game developers. As announced by Google, the company is now opening up its Google Maps for game developers so that they can make next Pokémon Go. New Google Maps API has made it very easy for developers to work on the whole platform.

Developers won’t really have to create 3D objects as they can fetch the data from the Google Maps itself, the buildings, roads, parks everything will be created into GameObjects, and then developers can add texture and styling according to the game’s requirements.


Google is launching these features with Unity, one of the most popular game engines. This would enable game developers to focus less on designing buildings and roads, but they can work more n building a much better and immersive gameplay.

“You’re taking away what would otherwise be an enormous hurdle,” says Google Maps product manager Clementine Jacoby.

For all the game developers who are looking to create games similar to Pokémon Go, can greatly benefit from these APIs.

For more information visit the Google’s developer website, Google will also be demoing at Game Developer Conference next week in San Francisco.


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