Google Assistant is now available in Hindi

Finally, the wait is over for Google Assistant Hindi update, which means you can use your personal assistant in your own personal language. With the addition of Hindi, chances of smart speakers arriving in India has increased.

In this update, Google Assistant does all the usual stuff as it used to do, the only change here is the addition of multiple languages which you have to change on your own in the settings by selecting your language. Keep in note that not all languages are supported yet, but in future, they will be, at present German and Hindi are added.

Google was giving hints as it started to understand a little bit of Hindi before and even on Google Allo Hindi was available but in Google Allo voice recognition was not there. The addition of Hindi language might put Google assistant in lead leaving Alexa and iOS Siri behind.


But the experience was not that good as of now I asked it for weather outside and it searched on Google but when I asked to put alarm it did pick that up and asked me for time this will improve with the further knowledge and time as they put into development but Google’s machine-learning is one of the best out there.

Now we have to wait for the launch of Google home in India as its competitor Alexa has already arrived in India.

So now it will be a tough choice either to buy Alexa or wait for Google Home you.


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