Oculus Go headset priced at $199

Oculus made a cheaper version of its VR i.e. Oculus Go which only costs $199. Oculus Go is a third major product release, and it occupies a similar niche to the mobile Gear VR, which offers affordable but limited VR experiences.

Like the Gear VR it doesn’t track a full range of movement, just the rotation of your head and a small remote control. But still it is a plastic shell, it’s a single self-contained device and Oculus is selling it by promising optimization, accessibility, and convenience.

Oculus partnered with Xiaomi to make Oculus Go. It’s a grey headset containing some low profile ports and buttons. The Go takes some ideas from Oculus Rift like the plastic strip that makes tightening easier. The Go feels less precisely engineered compared to Oculus Rift. A prominent seam between its side and front panels makes the headset look a lot cheaper than it feels, and where the Rift was carefully balanced, the Go is still front-heavy — after all, there’s a whole computer on your face.


But still the Go looks and feels exponentially better than the clunky Gear VR. It doesn’t need bulky plastic elements like phone clamps, and the new head strap which is split in the back distributes weight more comfortably.

The Oculus Go is priced at a quite comfortable tag of $199. For more updates follow KNIneVox on social media channels.