Processor of Samsung Galaxy S9 is slower than iPhone processors

When we talk about the war of flagship smartphone, the top two names that come is Samsung and iPhone. Even when these companies launch their flagship devices, their main target is to show that how their device is better than the device of other company.

Now when Samsung Galaxy S9 teaser came, again the comparisons between Apple and Samsung were made. There were so many reports that this device will cause a huge damage to the iPhone market. But the story as per the latest benchmark report is different.

As per the latest benchmark reports, the chipset of Samsung S9 and S9plus have managed to beat the Snapdragon 845 but it has failed to beat the Apple’s A10 and A11.


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This benchmark report was released by AnandTech and the test was made on the Samsung Galaxy S9 demo set. The Samsung s9 runs on Exynos 9810, which is faster than Exynos 8895, but it failed to beat the Apple’s processors. The test results of the report were as follows:

The integer and floating point scores of four single cores were 3734 and 3440 by Exynos 9810. On the other hand, the A11 scored amazing 4630 and 3958. Even A10 also performed well with a score of 4007. An interesting result was of snapdragon 845 which was beaten by Samsung, Snapdragon 845 scored 2718 and 2041.

There have been some other reports also on the benchmarks showing a better performance by Apple than Samsung s9.


Answering to this report, the Samsung spokesperson defended it by saying that it was just a demo version and it was not fully optimized and it was running on a special firmware.

Although these numbers are disappointing for the Samsung lovers, we will still wait for the numbers given by Samsung and we will also wait for the actual launch of this smartphone to draw any conclusions.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to launch in India on March 6. We will cover the event and we will bring you further updates on this device. Till then stay tuned with KNine Vox.


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