Facebook is gathering a team to work on its own chips

Facebook cannot be out of the news for long. It may be innovation or a bad news, Facebook is always there. This time it’s something big and huge.

There are reports that Facebook has now plans to manufacture its own chips and hardware. It’s like following the path of Google and Apple. This news came out when there were reports that company is trying to make up a team that will be able to design and manufacture hardware and chips. This trend has been starting with the mobile companies starting to manufacture their own chips. If these reports come to be true, there will be some serious competition in the semiconductor sector.

This news came to light after it was observed in the Job listing of the company for these positions. Facebook was looking to hire managers for “end-to-end SoC. /ASIC, firmware and driver development organization,”

In past few weeks also it was seen that company has listed jobs for designing of chips. There are no official announcements from Facebook till now. But this is going to be huge if it arrives at market.


We will wait for the official information and declaration from Facebook authorities before taking any conclusion.

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