Mercedes AMG Project one – Future of driving performance

Let’s take you to the world on Mercedes-AMG Project One, which is currently single of its type in existence. This will start the production in 2019 and only 275 units will be manufactured that will be priced at a minimum of €2.275m. This car is claimed to be a revolution in Formula One technology with the combination that is derived from the turbocharged engine that is driven by Lewis Hamilton.

There are some major features that make this car as a dream hypercar. The car will reach 200kph just before 6 seconds and maximum speed would be more than 350kph.

These features are made reality by the great 500kv V6 engine that is derived from F1. This has been retuned and it has a modest 48,000km life and works with the help of 4 electric motor system.


Let’s take you through the composition of this project. This project has a couple of 120Kw motors that will drive the front wheel system and third has been connected with turbocharger that will be used to reduce lag and the last one has been mounted on the driveshaft. These motors have capacity to work together to make a best in class efficiency that is best till now.

So this was just a teaser for this great technology, we will bring you a detailed coverage on this project in coming days that will cover all the major aspects of this project. Till then stay tuned with Kninevox for more updates and news. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more updates and news.