OnePlus 6 will have an alert slider to adjust camera focus

In the latest addition to the features of Oneplus6, another feature has been added to the news. This time it’s the alert slider. There are reports that there will be an alert slider in Oneplus6 that will help the users to adjust the camera focus.

Oneplus6, which is expected to be launched at the end of this month or in the first week of next month, has no intention of keeping itself away from the news. The teaser by oneplus6 about the new alert slider that will help in adjusting camera focus is something awesome. Imagine that you can adjust the camera focus with just a slide of a button. Well this is something worth looking and would be great to see that how it goes.

Oneplus6 has launched an official teaser on this alert slider. First time, the alert slider came in one plus 2 and it was only used as a tool to adjust notifications. But this time it has some more use and looks interesting. We will have a wait for the launch of One plus 6 for having a greater view and working of this alert slider.

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