Facebook and Qualcomm will introduce Wi-Fi network with speed nearing gigabit

There has been some news that Qualcomm has been working on the 5G technology, but the next big thing in a wireless network is something else. Qualcomm and Facebook are coming together to work on a project to bring high-speed Wi-Fi technology to urban areas.

Qualcomm explained about their technology in a press release. They will be working on Facebook’s Terragraph technology to deliver high-speed Wi-Fi.

With the implementation of these technologies, operators would be able to improve the speed, efficiency and quality of internet connectivity around the world at only a fraction of the cost of fiber deployments.


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Terragraph technology was introduced by Facebook at F8 2016. It consists of a high-speed Wi-Fi network mesh that can be deployed outdoors in urban areas.

So what’s Facebook and Qualcomm planning with this Terragraph technology? Qualcomm’s 10Gbps link rate solution and early interface mitigation techniques when coupled with Facebook’s Terragraph would make gigabit Wi-Fi connectivity a reality.


The trails for this technology will start in mid-2019, and only in selected markets, but those areas were not yet revealed by Qualcomm.

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