Fortnite has crossed 125 million players in just one year

Game developing company, Epic Games has now announced that their game “Fortnite” has now registered more than 125 million players within a year. There have been many reports regarding the success of this game and there have been huge downloads for this game. According to a report, this game was downloaded more than 45 million times in January and one other report stated that around 40 million people play this game in one instance for a month. This game was launched in July 2017 and the new mode of this game, which was named as Battle Royale game was not launched till September last year.

The fact that this game is free and also accessible on all the major platforms has made it really popular among the youth. This game was also included in the Nintendo Switch a few days ago. The only platform which is still left to be under this game is the biggest one: Android. Epic developers have got a huge potential if they can also get this game on Android as there are more than 2 billion active Android gamers and this will be a huge booster for the game as well as the pockets of Epic developers.

The success of this game calls the company for a new gaming development projects and also the projects for the Android smartphone version of this game. We will soon update our readers about the launch of the other parts of this game and also the launch of this game on Android platforms. We are sure of this fact that company must be working on it as it has the huge potential and huge gamer’s base present on the Android platform.


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