Google Pixel 3 is getting a notch

Google launch its flagship every end of summer and now its time for Google to launch the Google Pixel 3. It’s for sure the smartphone worth waiting for. Like the earlier flagships, this time too Google will launch two versions of Pixel 3 i.e. Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

One of the version of Pixel 3 will be offering the same old bezels, which won’t attract anyone but the other, Pixel 3 XL is rumoured to get a notch. It looks like everyone is copying Apple’s iPhone X, recently launched Xiaomi Mi 8 also offers the same notch as of iPhone X . Google pixel 2 is also said to have front facing dual camera. But using a dual camera makes me wonder why would they need a dual camera, as in the previous version i.e. Google Pixel 2, the smartphone had a single lens and was able to capture better bokeh than any other smartphone. That’s why I am not sure whether Pixel 3 will be coming with a dual camera or no.


When the Pixel 2 arrived last year, sporting a stale design in a mobile landscape that was already dominated by all-screen phones, it surprised the world because of the absence of the headphone jack. It was just a year before that that Google mocked the iPhone 7 for lacking the audio port. Google missed the forest for the trees, it turns out; you need to remove the 3.5mm port to make room for extra screen real estate.

The Pixel 3 XL will also have an ugly bottom chin. And let’s not forget the screen issues of the Pixel 2, which Google sourced from LG, the same company that manufactured it.

According to me Google Pixel 3 will be a great phone but still not the game changer. Google has to do a lot to win over the dominance of iPhone. For more awesome interesting news follow us on every social media.