Medication through Meditation

Today the whole World is celebrating 4th International Yoga Day. The word Yoga is also known as a Sum in Hindi. The question is sum of what. Whether it is the sum of some of some breathing exercises which is also called Pranayam and some body postures which is called Asnas or something else.

For a common man, Yoga is only some Pranayams, Aasnas and ahead of it, the popular activity Meditation but actually these all are the steps required for safe and healthy journey of our precious life which is best reward from the God. Just watch yourself, from the very morning when you leave the bed and till night when we go to bed. There are so many challenges everyone has to face every day. These challenges disrupt not only us but sometimes our family too causing unfitness to our body, thoughts, emotions, behaviors and many more. For physical diseases like fever, a doctor gives us some antibiotic and some multivitamin but for our evil thoughts, emotions and behaviors, there is no any medicine available in the market. For these problems, modern medical science has only a solution in the kind of some sleeping pills but in Yoga science for any kind of problem there is always a solution.

So let us know how Yoga works. First of all it teaches us that we should follow certain discipline in our personal as well as in social life. This discipline is the first step for healthy living. The next step is practicing Pranayam and Asnas on daily basis. Some people says Pranayam is a breathing exercise but actually its art of breathing and best way to keep ourselves away from many kinds of diseases because from our birth and till death only our breath remains with us. Similarly we should take care of our body posture and some Asnas are recommended for these.


When we become habitual and start enjoying Pranayam and Asnans then we should try to Meditate our mind and then we will find that the Meditation is working more than Medication. So go ahead and start your day with Yoga and 21st June can be a good day for this new start.