Samsung Galaxy S10 rumored to have some amazing features

Samsung just revealed the date for the release of the Note 9 i.e. 9th August, but new rumors about the Galaxy S10 have surfaced online, and We have some more news about the Samsung Galaxy S10.

All we know for now is that the S10 is expected to have a larger screen than the older model i.e. S9 and S9 plus. Rumors are that the phone may also have 3 camera lenses according to the ET news. We cannot exactly judge that what changes will be made to the camera quality of the phone but it is as always expected to be better and better. Samsung has done a good job with the low-light camera quality. Working more on it will take phone photography to a whole new level.

The Galaxy S10’s camera is expected to have a higher megapixel count, as the Isocell Plus technology allows for a 20-megapixel sensor “without any loss in performance.” This is Insane.


It is said to have a minimum of 5.8’ inch of display. Whereas, the largest screen size provided by Samsung will be 6.2’ according to us. Unlike earlier galaxy series, Samsung may release 3 further sub-variations of the S10 series.

Talking about the fingerprint sensor, it may change its place, from the back side of the phone to the front.

Things that are concerned with the customers are a camera, the design, the performance. As far as performance is concerned it is expected to have a better processor that is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor.

According to the latest updates from the Korean company Bell. It will have a much better Face Id scanner than the $1400 iPhone X. The phone may or may not land around our judgments, but this is all that has been revealed by people around the world.


Looking forward to this awesome piece of design and technology.