Want to upload a one hour long video on Instagram

Instagram is considering to allow users to post long videos, there will be no length constraints according to a post by The Wall Street Journal which was published recently. According to this post Instagram will come with an update which will allow users to post video with a length of upto 1 hour.

Now this might be a game changer for internet as this update will be competing with YouTube and Instagram’s own parent company Facebook. According to The Verge the plan is tentative, so Instagram could ultimately decide against radically extending the maximum running time of videos on its platform.

The Wall Street Journal also published in its post that Instagram will be focusing on vertical video playback. But it has not been clarified yet if the video length will be increased in the story or the main feed. Currently the story can accommodate a video length of 15 seconds and the 60 seconds in the main feed.


Lets see what Instagram is up to and would it be coming up this update. Keep visiting us for further information and follow us on social media platforms.