England’s DELE ALLI burst out “Fortnight” dance in the World Cup match against Sweden

England and Sweden faced off in FIFA this Saturday morning and as DELE ALLI scores a header against Sweden in the 59’ min. He burst out in joy and started with the very famous Fortnight dance moves.

England attempted 12 shots in the whole match, out of which 2 were successful. Dele Alli made it one step ahead in the world cup.

Fortnight is the hottest game in the world now, with people playing it on PS4, Xbox One, PC and soon, mobile! Sure, the real objective is to be the last one left standing at the end of the match, but our favorite part of the whole game might be all the dances and emotes.


But some of them are harder than they look! Here’s where all the dances came from!

This is what started at the FIFA ground when Dele Alli scored his goal.


Different players find different ways of celebrating their goals, but this guy thought of doing something eye catch and did a trending move. It has become a necessary thing to keep up the pace with today’s world. This keeps you together with the world.

As soon as Dele Alli performed the step the teammates grabbed him from behind and started celebrating. This video totally went viral in the world of FIFA.

So, as a result, England have reached their first World Cup semi-final in 28 years after beating Sweden 2-0 in Samara. Sweden manager on if England can win the World Cup:

Yes, I definitely believe they are. They are forceful, well-organized. I’d like to pay tribute to the team & coach. They are a good footballing side. I think they would be perfectly able to go all the way