Samsung is making 3 different versions of galaxy s10

According to our last post about the Samsung Galaxy s10 Samsung just revealed the date for the release of the Note 9 i.e. 9th August. We have some more news about the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Korean business news site The Bell has it from multiple unnamed sources that Samsung is developing samples for three Galaxy S10 devices referred to internally as Beyond 0, Beyond 1, and Beyond 2. It is said to have a minimum of 5.8’ inch of display. Whereas, the largest screen size provided by Samsung will be 6.2’ according to us. Unlike earlier galaxy series, Samsung may release 3 further sub-variations of the S10 series.

Beyond 0 shall be an entry level flagship. The first device, codenamed ‘Beyond 0′, will reportedly feature a 5.8in screen and a single-lens camera setup, much like the current Galaxy S9. This will be joined by the ‘Beyond 1’, which will also feature a 5.8in screen but will sport an upgraded dual camera setup.


The ‘Beyond 2’, ET News claims, will pack a larger 6.2in screen, and likely will arrive as the Galaxy S10 Plus. It’ll also sport a triple-lens camera similar to that seen on the Huawei P20 Pro if the report is to be believed. 

The brand Samsung always thinks big. This special move of launching the all new galaxy s10 in 3 variants is a good step for the company. As people will get more choices to get their hand-held devices from.

The report doesn’t give much else away, but does note that – like the firm’s previous releases – there will be two variants: the 58in Galaxy S10 and 6.3in Galaxy S10 Plus.

According to Twitter tipster Ice Universe, the Galaxy S10’s screen resolution is going to exceed 600ppi – trumping the iPhone X’s 458ppi and the Galaxy S9’s 570ppi screen.