Skype’s new feature- Adds read receipts

Microsoft has been radically transforming Skype in the recent months. The company has added a lot of bright colours, GIFs, emojis, and other “modern” features to keep Skype up with the times. This week, the firm started testing another modern-ish feature for communication: read receipts. Love them or hate them, read receipts are a common feature on all messaging platforms and now Skype finally adds read receipts too. When someone has seen your message, their avatar will pop up below and you will come to know if they have actually read your message or not.

Read receipts, the small note at the end of your last message that shows it was read and at what time, are found on the majority of popular messaging platforms. The feature is convenient for a couple of reasons, primarily for reassurance that someone did receive and view the message. But you need to be careful with this feature as to people can get really annoyed when they get to know that you read their message but didn’t respond at the same time.

The feature on Skype is available for individual conversations as well as group chats with as many as 20 people. Everyone will need to use the 8.26.76 preview build on iOS, Android or desktop for it to work. If you don’t want people to get to know if you have read their message or not, then you can just turn off the read receipts in your privacy settings but that means you won’t get to see when people have read your messages, either.  And that’s really a huge defect that exists across all messaging and social network platforms. But I believe this is the first time Microsoft is bringing read receipts to Skype, so it’s kind of a big deal. 


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