Instagram is testing a persistent story bar that stays at the top

Instagram has always been doing experiments with itself, like changing the logos and then introducing the highlights and now Instagram has come up with an all-new update which gives your story bar the ability to stay at the top no matter how much u scroll. One more update has been being the Instagram people i.e. the video chat and the IGTV. This app is going to prioritize long-form video content that’s vertical and full-screen, kind of like a much longer Story.

According to THE VERGE, approximately 400million people are using Instagram stories now. It may be a great update for people and I guess people are liking it.

In a written statement, an Instagram spokesman said: ‘We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and make it easier to share any moment with the people who matter to you.’ Instagram and snapchat have always been rivals and in competition with each other.


Instagram is constantly adding new features to the app. We all know that we people are literally scrolling our lives away and liking stuff. So, keeping update with our friends and relatives have been a necessity. As per our opinion, this is a big move for them but it may reduce the screen that displays the images. This point may bother some people as now you have less room for the post as the story bar is there forever. Instagram is doing everything it can to stay ahead of its rivals.

Company has already added several features, including a portrait mode, AR stickers, Spotify integration, and more to attract users to share Stories. There are also other new features, such as music stickers, that are in the works and should be available to everyone very soon.