New York City is the perfect scooter market, but it’s also the most impossible.

WASHINGTON — LimeBike, one of five companies taking part in the District’s seven-month dockless bike demonstration project, is adding electric scooters to its dockless fleet in D.C.It follows LimeBike’s launch of electric scooters in San Diego in February. The scooters, called Lime-S, are available throughout the District. LimeBike said its 250-watt motor scooters have a 37-mile maximum range. They cost $1 to unlock and 15-cents per minute to ride.

Salt Lake is working on drafting a temporary operating agreement for Bird and similar businesses to operate under by July 10. In the meantime, Bird has agreed to suspend operations until it has a license, according to city spokesman Matthew Rojas.

These scooter companies, which have been valued at as high as $2 billion in recent months. New York is a city with a booming public transit system that millions take every day.


As per THE VERGE, New York would be a “tremendous scooter city because you’ve got a pretty good public transit infrastructure, but you still have a ton of gaps, particularly in the outer boroughs,” Kazimirov said. Its residents have a lot to gain by using these vehicles, according to Joseph Cutrufo, a spokesperson for the transit advocacy group Transportation Alternatives. New York is the third most congested city in the world.

As per the 2018 analysis, New York drivers averaged 91 peak hours stuck in traffic last year, tying with Moscow, Russia for second place for the most amount of hours spent in congestion.

We will have to find a better solution to making network more eco-friendly. Just being the best bike maker in the world in not enough.