Microsoft Surface Headphones will blow away premium headphone market

Microsoft on October 2nd released their Surface Headphones alongside their laptops, which was actually a surprise for everyone. Well taken by experts as well these headphones are Microsoft’s possible way to enter the headphone market.

These Microsoft Surface Headphones are active noise cancellation over the ear wireless headphones, with a clean light slate grey look, this provides a premium look for the device. A great attempt by Microsoft to challenge the part of the industry which has big brands like Bose, or Beats.

The headphones have two dials, one on each earpad. With these, you can adjust the volume and not only that it also allows you to adjust the amount of noise cancellation. You can have zero noise cancellation to cancellation up to 30db for active noise and 40dB for passive noise. These headphones have the capability to turn you loud surrounding to a peaceful environment.


The ear pads have controls such as to pause or play next track, and if you have to take your headphones off while you were listening to a track, it will automatically pause the music running.

These headphones provide premium sound quality, and alongside that a huge 15-hour battery life, and five minutes of charging can give you up to 1 hour of listening to your favorite tracks. A bonus feature that you get here is that you can even use “Hey Cortana”.

These are currently not available for purchase, but Microsoft confirms that they will be available to be shipped in time for the holidays. They will be priced at a good US$350, and this just brings more new choices in the premium headphone market.