Self Driving luxury ride for the future – RENAULT EZ-ULTIMO

Paris Motorshow was full of luxurious rides, whether it was about cars that would burn a hole in your pocket or utterly expensive superbikes. But one such ride caught everyone’s attention. Renault revealed its luxury ride at its home car exhibition “Paris Motor Show”.

Renault EZ Ultimo is an attempt by Renault to bring in its own class of autonomous vehicles and taxis. Along with EZ Ultimo, Renault expands into the self-driving industry with EZ Go a robot taxi car for people those who cannot afford the luxury, or better quoted as “poor man’s version of rich man’s car” by PowerDrift in this amazing video:

From the inside, EZ Ultimo’s experience is no less than a premium hotel room or a first class airline. It is a ride made for short distance travels and to provide the riders with the extreme comfort. The design is extravagant from the inside as well as from the outside.


Laurens van den Acker, senior vice-president of corporate design at Renault has this to say,


As consumer trends change and people are enjoying ride-hailing services more and more, a new paradigm for mobility will emerge. Embodying this revolution, EZ-Ultimo offers a uniquely luxurious experience aboard a robo-vehicle that can be adapted depending on the service provider.

It is a luxurious limousine but still it can only house only three people, the car will be used for business trips, for tourist drive around, and trips within the city, but still, the car has a 499 km range.

Renault EZ-Go

Renault’s EZ Go is mainly focused on daily commuting services, these might be the cars that would replace the taxis in the future, as it is supposed to be. Housed with a couple of features like onboard Wi-Fi, four-wheel steering etc. Yet it will have a top speed of 48 kmph.


EZ Go was first revealed at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year presented as an urban ride-sharing vehicle.

Renault is aiming to test the autonomous technology on normal vehicles, and the public might be able to drive in such cars by the end of the year, but still with a driver behind the steering wheel.


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