Is Xiaomi coming up with a folding smartphone?

Recently Evan Blass leaked a video showing a Xiaomi’s folding smartphone. In the video, it is shown that a tablet sized device is folded from sides to make it compact.

In the tweet which Evan Blass shared, he said he can’t vouch for the leak’s authenticity. Rumours that Xiaomi is working on a foldable smartphone have been around since 2016, when a video emerged of what appeared to be one of its foldable screens in use.


If the leaked video is legitimate, Xiaomi would join what’s expected to be an onslaught of new foldable devices to come. Samsung showed off its folding phone prototype last year, shortly after the Chinese company Royole demoed a folding device of its own. Lenovo reported that it was working on bendable phones back in 2016, and Huawei is reportedly planning to launch one in 2019. Apple has been quieter about its ambitions for a folding phone, but patent applications suggest it’s exploring the concept.

But it is hard to confirm if this device is of Xiaomi because with so many of its Chinese competitors reportedly preparing to release folding phones in 2019.

The company is due to host a press conference on January 10th where it’s expected to announce that Xiaomi is turning its Redmi range into a separate sub-brand. Perhaps it’ll have one more surprise to announce as well?