Major Apple’s Face Time bug will let you Eavesdrop on the Receivers end

A major bug in Apple’s Face Time video calling will let someone listen in before you actually pick up the call. The bug was first reported earlier this morning after Chicago artist Benji Mobb demonstrated it in a tweet spotted by 9to5Mac.

An Apple spokesperson said:

We are aware of the situation and our team has already come up with a fix to the problem, which will be dropped off soon to iOS users via a software update later this week.


The bug seems to trick the recipient’s phone into thinking a group call is already ongoing even if there is no confirmation made by the receiver end. In simple words, without the receiver actually picking up the call the caller can listen in at the receivers end. Moreover, “if the recipient tries to end the call by pressing power button or volume down button the device automatically starts giving the camera feed to the caller.

The problem seems to be on the iPhones working running on iOS 12.1.2. Apple has temporarily suspended its group FaceTime video-calling feature.

This is not a very big problem so far and the fix will also be released soon so there is nothing major to worry about but for users the best defense for now against the glitch, till the official fix arrives from the company, is to turn off the FaceTime in settings or otherwise just take care that when a FaceTime call rings the caller may be listening to you.