WhatsApp for Android to get fingerprint lock for chats and audio message redesign

WhatsApp could be very well planning to bring biometric authentication access to its social messaging app. WhatsApp has been working for some time to bring a host of new features on the app for both iOS and Android smartphone users. One of the major features we talked about before was that WhatsApp was working to bring out the Dark Mode feature which was to be rolled out alongside the Android Q update, and now there is a new report which points towards possible biometric authentication aka fingerprint access to the WhatsApp application.

In a report it was shown that WhatsApp has rolled out their beta version numbered Android 2.19.3 update in which it has provided a new type of authentication for Android users. The report further states that after working on the Face ID and Touch ID integration feature on the WhatsApp for iOS users which is not yet available yet for developmental reasons, WhatsApp has started working on the WhatsApp fingerprint authentication for Android applications.

Beta users can see a new section in the WhatsApp application which will show the option to enable the Fingerprint authentication feature. It will work similar to the iOS and will be made available on Apple’s iOS as well. This means there will be an extra layer of security added to WhatsApp as users will need to authenticate themselves every time they open the app.


Additionally, the report also stated that the new WhatsApp beta version will also get a new and improved Audio picker where users will be able to preview the audio files before sending them. There will be a new tray to open the audio files in which the image preview of the audio file will also be available, if available. Also, WhatsApp users will be able to send a maximum of 30 audio files at the same time.

WhatsApp has also added some new features for iOS users like the option to add personal stickers, replay privately, 3D Touch action for Status, Group Stickers management and more. These features are all available with the WhatsApp beta update for iOS for all public beta users.