5 Anti-Theft Devices to Keep Your Cars Safe

The latest update on car theft statistics has reported that more than 50,000 vehicles were stolen in Australia. That means one vehicle is stolen every ten minutes, making it one of the most serious predicaments in the country.

Fortunately, records of car theft are steadily decreasing over the past decade. Thanks to improvements in car security technology that primarily aims to prevent cars from being stolen. Before we name these magical devices, let us consider some measures that you can take in order to protect your vehicles. Take note that negligence is the most common mistake that can increase the chance of car theft cases so always pay attention to simple precautions. These include the following:

  • Never leave the keys in the ignition.
  • Do not drive with unlocked doors and open windows.
  • Do not leave valuables on your seats, especially when you have plain-view windows.
  • Park your vehicles in well-lit and protected areas whenever possible.
  • Always lock doors and windows whenever you leave your vehicle.

Also, drivers must be familiarized with the most common methods of car stealing so they would know how to bypass and prevent such things.

Stealing keys in a burglary: The number one method of car stealing usually occurs in a burglary wherein thieves would illegally enter homes for the sole purpose of stealing the car keys.


Taking advantage of keys that are left in the car: Opportunistic thieves are just one step behind, waiting for the best time to hop in and drive off your car so do not give them the chance. Leaving your keys inside the car is like an open invitation to thieves so always keep them in a safe place with you.

Carjacking: This is the most frightening method of car stealing where thieves forcibly demand your keys with threats of violence or deadly weapons involved. When this happens, better hand off your keys and save your life if possible.

Stealing cars by being pushed or towed: Some thieves would physically push or tow your parked vehicle to a less visible place where they can tear each part and sell them separately.

All these methods may sound scary but they do happen every time so always be prepared for what’s worse. But you can reduce your worry because there are countless devices and modern car accessories that can protect you and your car from theft. Here are five of our favorites:


Security Tire Lock

Tire locks are ideal when you park your vehicle overnight or while shopping for an extended amount of time. These are made from tough metal alloys that are pretty unbreakable which prevent any tire rotations. Plus, whoever tries to break it is likely to get caught because of the noise generated by striking the locks. Hitting the locks and tires would also compliment to car alarm systems if you have them installed.

Kill Switch

Something that frustrates the car thief and motivates them to move on to another potential vehicle is a kill switch. This device prevents the flow of electricity in the fuel pump, making it impossible to get the engine started.


However, installation of kill switch may be a little difficult so you need to ask someone who’s more familiar with wiring systems.

Steering Wheel Lock

You might be wondering how locking the wheel can help prevent car theft. After breaking in and hot-wiring your car, the steering wheel lock hinders the thief from driving away. There are two types of locks for steering wheel: one is electric and the other is mechanical.

    The electric steering wheel lock is a pre-installed device, located at the steering wheel column. It automatically immobilizes the vehicle when anyone tries to move the car without the key in the ignition. Mechanical steering wheel lock, on the other hand, attaches to the steering wheel on a 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock position. Similar to electric, the mechanical lock also prevents thieves to drive away. Only that mechanical is much affordable compared to electric.


    Baby Monitor

    A baby monitoring device may sound funny but it is a practical tool to protect your car. The device is wireless and comes with night vision and audio system so you can be updated on what is currently happening inside.

    Two-way Car Alarm System

    Similar to the usual remote starter systems, the two-way car alarm is set to create a loud siren whenever someone tries to smash your car’s windows or remove your tires. The only advantage is that it has the ability to send and receive signals to and from your vehicle or notifies you through a smartphone app whenever someone tries to breach your car’s perimeter.