Brightburn: A movie that answers the question ‘what if Superman was a bad guy’

We have all known of the story of Superman and how he turned out to be something of great importance to humanity in the DC Comics universe. But have you ever realized what if he wasn’t raised the same way, what he decided to be a bad guy? Well, then all your questions are going to be answered by Brightburn.

Brightburn is a horror movie that has a narrative similar to Superman until things turn out to be really nasty.


The film is produced by James Gunn, who has also contributed to Superhero movies for Marvel and DC, so maybe this was the perfect time for him to try out with anti-Superhero horror movie. The movie is written by his brother Brian Gunn and cousin Mark Gunn, and directed by David Yarovesky.

Initial plot of the movie is very similar to Superman intro. In a small town of Brightburn, a couple finds a baby inside of a meteor that falls from the sky. They were not able to conceive a child so they decided to raise him as his own, but the adopted child was not something like Clark Kent grew up to be.

As the kid grows up they realize something really wrong with him.

The movie was released today in the USA, and probably it could be a fresh watch if you want to get over all the superhero frenzy that has been there this whole year.