Spot SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network in the night sky

SpaceX launched a set of 60 satellites that are part of a Starlink satellite network to provide high-speed internet on the ground. The launch was a success and carried 60 of the 12,000 satellites Elon Musk has planned to send in space as a part of the Starlink mega constellation.

But apart from being able to be used as high-speed data transmitting devices, they have set up a spectacular show for ground observers as the group of 60 satellites move in a straight line.

The satellites are visible to the naked eye on a clear sky, and they seem like a moving train of bright lights in the sky being in length at 5 to 8 degrees. The satellites are currently revolving at a height of 440 km and may become less visible as they will be raised slowly to their operational heights of 550 km.


If you wish to see Starlink satellites then you should visit sites like CalSky or These websites provide you with the time when these satellites will pass over from your location.


N2YO has dedicated link to gaze for Starlink satellites. These satellites automatically pick up your coordinates and provide you with the perfect sighting opportunity.

This is just the beginning and not only SpaceX but other tech giants like Amazon, OneWeb and Telesat are planning for megaconstellations of their own.


This might be a great deal of support for humanity but some have raised concerns as these number of satellites will outnumber the stars visible to the naked eye.


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