Spider-Man: Far From Home’ brings major spoilers and reveals Multiverse

Avengers: Endgame has been shattering box office records en route to be the biggest movie of all time with speculations that it will soon surpass Avatar as the highest grossing movie. Amidst all that hype Sony has released the all-new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, with massive spoiler alert drop.

Spoilers Ahead:

It is a three-minute long trailer which starts with Tom Holland warning viewers of major spoilers and urges them not to watch the trailer if they haven’t watched the movie.


The trailer reveals that movie is set in post Endgame era, with Spider-Man and Happy Hogan grieving the loss of Tony Stark.

Peter Parker wants to lead a normal life and is seen going on a vacation with his friends. He is avoiding a call from Nick Fury, but at the end, Nick Fury is able to reach out to SpiderMan and is recruited.

Something interesting is that it opens up a whole new dimension i.e., MCU Multiverse. SpiderMan is introduced to Quentin Beck who is from Earth but from another dimension.

The snap has created a hole in the dimension, which allows creatures from another dimension to enter this timeline. With other major superheroes not available, Peter Parker is supposed to deal with the threats now and act as the next Iron Man.


Multiverse has been speculated earlier and now with this confirmation, we can expect all sorts of superheroes to be included in the MCU Phase 4 timeline.

Far From Home arrives in theaters on July 2.